I support business leaders in Compliance and I become expert partner.

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My benefits

I generate additional sales...

... thanks to the referencing of my services on the platform and their online subscription.

I find new opportunities...

... thanks to the LegalScan which allows me to identify compliance support services that can be invoiced to my clients.

I increase my visibility and online presence...

... by creating modules specific to my field of expertise to enhance my online storefront.

My tools

Contribution portal

Create modules specific to your field of expertise that will serve the users of the platform and your own customers.

Add rights or obligations that do not yet exist in our database on which you can base your offers and services.

I create some content


List your compliance offers and services on the platform and manage your leads and/or new customers on a dedicated portal.

I list my offers


Identify the legal obligations of your clients thanks to the SIRET number and a targeted questionnaire and assist them in their compliance.

I start a LegalScan

How does it work?

I create my showcase

I create some content (modules, obligations, etc.)

I generate new clients

I list my offers (services, products, etc.)

Processing of the case

I follow my clients on a dedicated platform

A company contacts me or subscribes directly to my offer

Processing of the case

I follow my clients on a dedicated platform

I support my current clients

I discover my clients' legal obligations

Processing of the case

I follow my clients on a dedicated platform

I offer new services to help them achieve compliance

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For a better understanding

The listing is free of charge up to 3 offers. From the 4th offer onwards, an annual subscription is required. For more information, you can go to the dedicated 'Referencing plans' web page (cf. header).
For the sake of efficiency and transparency, the display of the price is necessary on this platform.
There are three (3) ways to display a price:
- the price is fixed ;
- the price depends on several criteria, in which case we propose to the expert concerned to create a price formula which will best reflect the complexity of the service and will allow the right price to be displayed thanks to a questionnaire ;
- the price is an hourly rate or too complex to model, in which case the expert can display a price range ("Between X and Y€") or an amount from which the price will be fixed ("From X€").
Offers may still be listed on the platform to allow companies to ask questions, but companies will not be able to subscribe directly online.
Companies can ask questions to the expert at any time, via the "Ask" button. The expert who receives the question is notified and has 48 hours to accept and answer the question. The expert is provided with certain information to assess the question and the company asking it. The expert can accept or refuse the question. If he accepts, the expert receives the company's profiling information as well as the contact information, so that he can call the company back and assist it in the best possible way with its problem.
Acceptance of the lead is charged €30.
The expert has 48 working hours to answer a question put to him by a company. After this period, the question "expires" and the expert can no longer accept and answer the question.